5 areas of your business to improve with a remote team

November 22, 2023

In today’s world, remote work could mean the difference between a successful business or one that closes its door in the first year. A lot of businesses use remote teams all around the world because it’s better to have one person doing the work he or she is specialized in instead of having one person multitasking between a lot of different areas.

A study made by the American Psychological Association in 2006, shows that multitasking could affect a business negatively, as productivity could fall up to 40%.On the other side of the coin, distributing the load of work so everyone does the work they love can improve the balance between work and social life, reduce risks and save money in the long run.

But what are those tasks that could really benefit from a global team? keep reading to get some ideas for your business.


Monarchies might be something of the past, but there’s a king right now ruling the world, and it’s called content. Everyone is either glued to their phones or their computers and they’re looking for one thing only: Quality content.

Most businesses should have some kind of content for consumers to see, so they can engage with the brand and start to establish a positive relationship. Adding a quality copywriter (like me!) to your company means having somebody in your corner that helps create a strong bond with your target audience while saving you precious time.‍


Ah yes, money. We all love spending it, but one thing is keeping track of a coffee and those late-night burgers, but keeping tabs on all the money that comes and goes from a business is a lot different story. It doesn’t take a genius to know that a business that is not able to balance its finances is a business that won’t be afloat for long.

Hiring a remote accountant could do wonders for your company since they can help you set up your invoicing mechanism, organize your receipts, and keep track of your obligations to the government like taxes and such. Focus on spending the dough while your accountant cries silently on their keyboard.



Have you ever been in that situation that you must print a super important document and the printer decides that it’s too busy today for any kind of work? Well, imagine that but with your whole e-commerce platform.

It could die on a particularly busy day or your business email could not work when you must send a crucial mail to one of your customers. Now it’s common to see a lot of businesses having their IT managed by a remote worker in the other side of the world. While you sleep, your team of programmers can be making sure that your company is ready to become a unicorn.

Fun fact: we used WordPress once, it sucked.

Website management
Appearance is everything (I’m looking at you, Apple). Everyone has googled a new company they haven’t heard about to see if they are legit, and your business can’t be the exemption. Your website is the face of your company online and it must be kept up and running 24/7. Having a webmaster managing your site could improve the way potential clients see your business, help you make backups so you won’t lose your data and keep track of the traffic statistics, which can say a lot about the success of your marketing efforts.

“whoops, third meeting missed this week.”

Administrative support

Hiring an executive assistant to help you with all of your administrative tasks could be a lifesaver. Somebody that can be a right hand, maintaining your personal schedule, travel arrangements and the ever-dreaded email management. All of those day to day tasks could be in hands of a responsible person while you focus on more important matters, or even take the time to relax with your family.

Growing a remote team can help you save costs and time while giving you the means to concentrate your budget and efforts on really pressing matters that will help your business grow into something to be really proud of.